Are you ready to meet your Spirit Guides?

What's included in The Spirit Guides Connection?

  • Video Lessons

    Through the self-paced video lessons, you will learn why we have Spirit Guides, how to connect with you, the purpose they are in our lives and much more!

  • Guided Audio Meditations

    Enjoy a unique series of guided audio meditations each supporting your journey as you connect with your guides + journal prompts to guide you after you finish your mediations.

  • Spirit Guides Ceremony

    Enjoy an entire lessons guiding you to create your own Spirit Guides Ceremony. In this lesson, you'll learn how to crate your space, call in your guides and be open to all the experiences you'll have while connecting.

* Bonus Content *

  • Crystal Grid

    Enjoy a series of lessons guiding you to create a crystal grid specific to calling in your guides.

  • Crystal Grid Template

    A crystal grid template shared specifically for the Spirit Guides Ceremony.

  • Building Your Grid

    Enjoy this video sharing step by step how to build your grid and activate it supporting your ceremony.

Lifetime Access

Enjoy lifetime access to The Spirit Guides Connection for a one-time payment.