Love Warrior Digital Membership

A collective gathering of themes that will expand and grow us.

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    • Welcome to Love Warrior

    • Welcome to Love Warrior

    • Loveward Meditation {15-minute meditation}

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    December 2021 ✨Expectations✨

    • Podcast Style Conversation

    • Meditation {10 minutes}

    • Journal Prompts

    • Affirmation Card

An invitation to become a Love Warrior.

Join Jenny Shanks inside a monthly digital membership where you will connect through conversation, expand inwardly and grow outwardly. Together we will continue to discover the light in our lives.


You'll get exclusive access to everything shared + much more coming in 2022.

  • New customized audio guided meditation + journal prompts to support discoveries within your meditation.

  • Podcast style conversation led by a monthly theme.

  • Digital affirmation card to guide reflection throughout the month.

  • Exclusive discounts to workshops & events hosted by Jenny Shanks, LIVE intagretion calls around the monthly theme (coming in 2022) and much much more....

Becoming a LOVE WARRIOR member....

Are you ready to join us for this life changing monthly membership?